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Build A Better Sandwich

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Almost everyone enjoys eating a sandwich. Its a simple versatile food that can be very satisfying. Sandwiches are easy to assemble at home and they can have two ingredients or twenty. But what makes a sandwich come to life? Here are some simple tips to balance flavor and texture so each bite of your next sandwich is loaded with flavor.  

Quality over quantity.

More doesnt always mean better. Smaller amounts of high-quality meat, cheese, and bread add a rich flavor. Thinly sliced meat and cheese allows room on your sandwich for fresh vegetables, sprouts, and avocado. Just the right amount of quality ingredients allows your flavors to balance verse having one dominate. 

Season as you go.

Be sure to add salt and pepper directly to tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumber. This helps release added juice and flavors from your veggies and herbs. Olive oil and vinegar are also classic additions that go best when added to the bread or hoagie of your sandwich.   

Spread to prevent sogginess.

Each slice of bread needs a moisture barrier to protect your bread from becoming a sponge. Butter and mayo are traditional spreads that go well on most sandwiches, but hummus, mashed avocado, chutney, and aioli can add additional flavor to a moisture barrier. When applying your spread be sure to go all the way to the edges of your bread so the last bite is as good as the first.  

Toast and roast.

Consider toasting your bread or your entire sandwich. Toasting brings a nice texture balance and melted cheese always adds deliciousness. Roasted vegetables like roasted red peppers, thinly sliced zucchini and eggplant make excellent veggie-based sandwiches. 

Layer like a pro.

Add the heavy ingredients, like meat and cheese to the bottom of the sandwich. Add wet veggies to the middle, like tomatoes, and light veggies such as crisp lettuce and sprouts to the top. Dont forget to add a spread to each layer of your sandwich bread.  

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