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Unique Ways to Use Winter Squash

Roasted winter squash is popular in many fall and holiday recipes. This flavorful vegetable can be enjoyed by itself, or it can be the secret ingredient to the main dish. Some of the most common varieties of winter squash include butternut, spaghetti, acorn, and pumpkin. Chances are you have enjoyed these classic foods in soup, ravioli, or a casserole. Here are some unique ways to use winter squash into your next meal.

  • Make a savory addition to breakfast. Roasted butternut squash cubes pair beautifully with breakfast sausage and scrambled eggs. Try breakfast burritos with acorn squash instead of potatoes. Butternut squash also goes well in a frittata or a breakfast casserole.
  • Create a roasted vegetable medley. A sheet pan of roasted squash and root vegetables makes the perfect topping for polenta, a warm grain bowl, or pasta.
    Roasted Squash
  • Add chunks of tender pumpkin, acorn squash, or butternut squash to a black bean chili. Squash is often used in puréed soups, but it’s also an excellent accent to a hearty chili.
  • Skip the noodles and roast a spaghetti squash! A fully roasted spaghetti squash can be mixed with pesto and parmesan for a delicious and healthy meal. A creamy alfredo sauce also goes well with spaghetti squash and grilled chicken.
    Spaghetti Squash Chicken Alfredo
  • Acorn squash makes a great natural bowl. A cooked veggie and meat mix can be loaded into a roasted acorn squash and then cooked together for a seasonal delight that displays beautifully.
    Acorn Squash

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