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Benefits of Best Choice Olive Oil and EVOO

Olive Oil is noted as one of the best options to cook with. Best Choice offers a variety of olive oil and extra virgin olive oil in different sizes. Its unique packaging offers quality to you, the consumer.

The Process
It is formed from pressing the oil from olives. Extra virgin olive oil is cleverly abbreviated as EVOO. Extra virgin olive oil is cold pressed through a process using water at the same temperature of the olives at specific stages of the oil extraction. The difference between regular olive oil is extra virgin olive oil doesn’t use hot water or chemicals to extract oil for lower quality oils.

The Benefits
This oil is high in antioxidants and is a healthy source of high-quality fat. EVOO is included in a Mediterranean Diet for its healthy fats. Some even believe that EVOO can fight against heart disease.

What makes Best Choice extra virgin olive oil special?
The Best Choice EVOO olives are from Southern Italy. The olives are grown in Calabrian Region (Boot of Italy). These olives are touched by the caring hands of an Old Word Family Farm, not a big corporate bottler. Also, the EVOO olives are Italian olives and not a blended oil made from multiple countries. This ensures the highest quality.

Best Choice’s unique packaging also stands out as well and provides additional quality components. Any quality EVOO should be in a dark green bottle because everyday light in homes can breakdown the healthy qualities of EVOO. This is why the Best Choice Olive Oil is packaged in a dark green bottle. The 34 oz bottles of EVOO come with a unique, pop-up pour spout. The spout offers a cleaner use as well as an easier way to pour for all of your recipes.


Here are a few recipes highlighting EVOO or olive oil: