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Coconut Sugar

Due to the recent interest in more plant based foods grocery stores are stocking a more diverse range of baking flours, sugars and milk products. One of the options for sugar that is becoming more readily available is coconut sugar. This plant based sugar is made of the sap from the flowering buds of the coconut palm tree. The sap is then boiled to evaporate the liquid content and once dried the result is coconut sugar. It’s light brown in color and tastes similar to brown sugar but can be used 1:1 for regular table sugar in any recipe.

Coconut sugar does offer trace amounts of vitamins and minerals. Inulin is a fiber in coconut sugar that is known for helping to slow digestion. That is why some studies suggest coconut sugar has a lower glycemic index and is more diabetic friendly. Calorie for calorie coconut sugar is equal to regular sugar, both contain 16 calories and about 4 grams of sugar per teaspoon. Coconut sugar can offer a unique and different way to enjoy a sweet treat, while providing your body trace amounts of antioxidants and nutrients. Watch the Clearly Organic blog for upcoming recipes containing coconut sugar.