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Collard Green Wraps

Making a healthy wrap just got a lot easier. Instead of using a heavy carbohydrate based tortilla for a sandwich wrap many people have found that a collard green leaf can hold together your sandwich fixings quite nice. While also adding tons of nutrients and a vibrant crunchy flavor.

To make a collard green wrap you start by giving your big collard leaf a good rinse and pat dry to make sure it’s crisp and clean. Then using a pairing knife, trim the short side of leaf and cut off some of the extra thickness from the stem. Try to make the leaf as circular as possible, this helps the sandwich ingredients stay snug inside the wrap. Then it’s best to blanch the leaf so it softens the greens and helps release the bright rich flavors of the collard green. Blanching is the process of placing the leaf in simmering water for 30-45 seconds then immediately transferring the leaf to an ice bath to halt the cooking. This leaves the leaf crunchy yet more tortilla like in its consistency. Watch the Clearly Organic blog for some colorful and delicious wraps using collard greens!