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Cooking With Quinoa

This ancient grain has grown in popularity in recent years. You might have seen it on the menu at your favorite restaurant. It can be mixed with a variety of foods from omelettes to green salads, quinoa even goes great in baked goods. However, you might be wondering what is so special about this new wonder food? First of all it is an excellent gluten free grain alternative. It has a mild flavor, so it can easily be incorporated into a multitude of recipes.

The protein content of quinoa is also impressive. The best characteristic of this superfood is that it’s considered a complete protein, which means it supplies the body with all nine essential amino acids necessary for optimal health. Our bodies can’t make these nutrients on its own, so we have to consume them frequently through food. Amino acids support muscle growth and strengthen our immune system. Not all plant based proteins offer this kind of nutrition profile. Watch for some new quinoa recipes on the blog soon. Also cheek out:

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