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Health Benefits Of Cherries

Cherries are known as Americas super fruit. They are not only delicious they’re also loaded with antioxidants that offer us a variety of health benefits. Studies suggest that cherries can help reduce inflammation and reduce risk factors for high cholesterol and diabetes. The sweet nature of this fruit makes it a perfect choice for a daily natural dessert.

There are several different varieties of cherries. The two most common options sold in stores are Bing and Rainier. Bing cherries are characterized by there bold color and purplish red flesh. This is the most abundant variety of cherry sold at the super market. Rainier cherries have yellow or pinkish skin with a milder yet surprisingly sweeter flavor than the traditional Bing cherry. Rainier cherries cost more per pound because most producers wait until the fruit is at its peak of sweetness before picking. This can then cause the cherry to bruise more easily making for a smaller yield of product during their short growing season. However, many consumers say the added price tag is worth it for the stellar creamy flavor of Rainier’s. The peak season for cherries is only a few short months in the summer, so pick up a hearty supply of this super food before they’re gone.