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One Dish Meals

Do you ever find yourself short on time when making dinner? Yet you don’t want to compromise preparing a healthy meal for the convenience of a packaged entree. When considering what to make in a pinch try a one dish meal. By combining simple ingredients into one pot or pan you can prepare a healthy and delicious meal.

Your one dish can be a skillet, a roasting pan or a sautéed pan. If you keep lean meats and fresh veggies on hand it’s easy to prepare a balanced meal. Pork chops, chicken breasts or thighs and salmon are great lean proteins for a one dish meal. Sweet potatoes, squash, onions, brussels sprouts, green beans, broccoli or cauliflower are some of the best vegetables for roasting with marinated meat. One dish meals are the perfect quick healthy fix. These protein and vegetable based combinations can also be made in advance. If you pre-chop veggies and meat you can let them sit together in a marinade for a day, then your meal is ready for cooking right when you walk in the door.