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This red stalked vegetable is often thought of as a “pie plant,” and it does make a delicious tart pie filling. However, rhubarb is compatible with a lot of foods. Therefore it can be added to a vast array of dishes. Rhubarb blends well in all kinds of desserts, plus the tart characteristic of the vegetable make it a great addition to savory meals. Most recipes involving the vegetable require cooking or soaking the stalks in honey, this helps cut the naturally sour nature of the plant to make it a delectable balance of sweet and tart.

Peak season for rhubarb is April – June. When shopping for the vegetable at your local grocery store look for thin, red, crisp stalks. Rhubarb keeps well, wrapped in plastic, in the refrigerator for up to a week. Next time you’re trying to dig up a new recipe for a get together try incorporating rhubarb. From cakes, crisps and pies to chutney, sangria and salad this vegetables adds a lively unique flavor to any dish.