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Smoothie Time

Smoothies are great any time of year, but I find myself pulling out the blender far more often in the summer months. Between the availability of seasonal fruit and the cool refreshment of a hydrating drink summer is prime time for smoothie making. Classic smoothie ingredients include yogurt, fruit, juice and ice. However, there are lots of unique items that you can blend in to add flavor and a nutritional boost.

My favorite thing to add to any smoothie is greens. Spinach, kale and even turnip greens add fiber and a host of vitamins and minerals. They may turn the liquid a shade of green or brownish but when blended with fruit and a little orange juice the drink still tastes sweet and refreshing. Other unique smoothie ingredients include oats, wheat germ and almonds. They can add thickness and texture making nuts a nice substitute for yogurt if you’re wanting a dairy free smoothie. Depending on the season avocado, coconut, pumpkin, ginger and any spice for that matter can be mixed in to add thickness and flavor.