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The Beauty Of Buttercream

In my humble opinion buttercream frosting really takes the cake. I was recently reminded of my affinity for this whipped goodness while enjoying a piece of delicious cake at a friends baby shower. This pleasant reminder caused me to bake my own batch of cupcakes and experiment with making organic buttercream.

Buttercream cream frosting has a short ingredient list, and I bet you can guess at least two of three foods on the list. Despite the short ingredient list, skill and technique are required when assembling your fluffy masterpiece. Butter, cream and powdered sugar go a long way in taking a simple cake from good to extraordinary, but remember to set your butter out on the counter 1 hour before mixing so it has plenty of time to soften. If the butter is not softened properly the frosting will not be as light and smooth. It’s also best to make buttercream with an electric standing mixer with a paddle attachment. When mixing in your powdered sugar sift the sugar, then add it to the mixture slowly so the contents stay light and fluffy. Theses specific details help yield the best quality product. Stay tuned to the Clearly Organic blog for some tasty treats topped with buttercream frosting!