April’s Save-A-Label Organization of the Month

Posted Apr 24th, 2020

Spring Valley Baptist Church Goat Ministry has been involved in the Save-A-Label program for the past four years. The entire church is involved in this ministry. The organization asks family, neighbors, friends and complete strangers to help in their fundraising efforts. To promote the use of the Save-A-Label program, this ministry distributed a flyer to its church members and the community.

This Goat Ministry helps people in 100 countries. Though Save-A-Label isn’t the organization’s only source of fundraising, all proceeds raised go directly to World Vision. The proceeds are used to purchase goats for families that need a hand up (not a handout). The funds also fight against world hunger and human trafficking.

Did you know, each female goat provides 16 cups of milk a day for over 10 years? That milk can be made into butter, yogurt, cheese, and other dairy products. The children can drink the goat milk and the excess product can be sold in markets to help pay for clothing, medicine, school supplies, and other types of nutritious foods for the family. The goats reproduce twice a year, usually having twins, so a herd is formed quickly. As of February 2020, the ministry has bought 628 goats.

Congratulations to our Organization of the Month.

Learn more about this organization here.

Watch the Crazy Goat Lady video.

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One Response to “April’s Save-A-Label Organization of the Month”

  1. Jesse Osborne, Bagger at Harvest Foods

    I would like to say thank you best choice for feeding our family for more than 20 years of our lives. We sell your foods here in Louisiana.


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