Bacon Potato Casserole: My Mom’s Go-To Side Dish

Posted Jul 1st, 2014

Today, I’m going to brag on my mom. She’s a good cook. Scratch that. She’s a great cook. She doesn’t write down her recipes and typically just cooks to taste. Therefore her chili, cakes and cutlets never taste quite the same. However this past weekend, I had her share her go-to potato dish with me that she was creating for a get-together.

It’s no secret that everyone loves bacon… and cheese. And every get-together needs a potato side dish. So why not combine them all? Mom does an excellent job of this. And you can make it on the lighter side using light sour cream and fat free cheese. You can even use turkey bacon as an alternative.

This side dish is super easy and tastes wonderful each time Mom makes it. Try it out at your next BBQ and you’re sure to please your crowd.

Bacon Potato Casserole

8 red potatoes peeled & sliced
1 cup light sour cream
Dash of salt
2 tbls butter melted
2 cups of fat free cheddar cheese
2 cups of flour
2 eggs
6 slices of cooked bacon
1 cup Italian Bread Crumbs

1. Boil sliced potatoes for 15 minutes. Drain.
2. Mix sour cream, salt, butter, flour, eggs & 1 cup of cheddar with potatoes until coated.
3. Put into a 9×13” glass pan.
4. Bake at 350 degrees for about an hour – with 10 minutes left, top with 1 cup of fat free cheddar, 6 slices of crumbled crisp bacon (Mom uses thin sliced already cooked bacon, and heats it in the microwave until crisp) and 1 cup Italian Bread Crumbs
5. Finish baking and enjoy!

Potato-Dish-Ingredients Red-Potatoes Potato-Cutting
Peeled-Red-Potatoes Potatoes-in-Pot Potato-Dish-Before-Bake
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