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Canned Food Month

Top 3 Canned Foods for Your Pantry
February is National Canned Month. Though canned food might get a bad rep for not being the most healthy food option in the grocery stores, there are a variety of excellent canned food options. With its the extended shelf life, canned foods also offer a bang for your buck. The following items are some of the best options when shopping for canned foods.

There are pros and cons to purchasing canned corn. Studies indicate that canned corn offers the same fiber at a fraction of the cost. But canned corn loses its vitamin C during the canning process. Despite all of this, canned corn is a versatile item that can be placed in bread, soups, salads and more.

From tomato sauce to fire-roasted tomatoes, or whole plum tomatoes, the variety of canned tomatoes is endless. Much like the corn, canned tomatoes still offer plenty of health benefits. To control sodium levels look for “No Salt Added” on the label. Use canned tomatoes for salsa, pasta sauce, and soup.

Known for being an inexpensive source of protein and fiber, beans are a great option for canned food items. Eliminate some of the sodium by rinsing and draining your beans before consuming them. These time and dollar saving items can be added to soups, salads, and casseroles.