Family Meals Month – Dinner Around the World

Posted Sep 27th, 2015

Although this is the last Sunday of Family Meals Month, we hope you can keep the tradition going and sit down with your family for a meal at home at least one extra time each week.

We call our final Family Meals Month idea “Dinner Around the World.” Select a new culture’s cuisine to explore at least once per month. We decided to start with Italy. Focus your entire meal around Italian flavors and culture by trying the recipes below:


Asiago Shrimp Caesar Salad



Italian Meatloaf Burgers

Italian Burger


Little Italy Pasta Salad





This is a fun way to try new foods, while also serving as a learning experience for the entire family. Visit the country’s travel website to discover facts and bring them to dinner with you to share with the rest of the family (Italian example: http://www.italia.it/en/home.html). Continue with themed nights surrounding Mexican, Chinese, Spanish, Jamaican foods and more!

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Don’t forget to enter our #RaiseYourMitt photo contest that wraps up Wednesday. Enter and you could win $50 worth of free groceries: http://woobox.com/4g54nu

Thanks for participating and for being a part of the Best Choice family!

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