Family Meals Month Idea – Everyone’s Favorite Meal

Posted Sep 6th, 2015

Each Sunday in September, we’re sharing a new meal idea for you to try out with your family. These blogs are part of Family Meals Month, a movement to encourage more memories made with your families over fun meals.


This week, we’re catering to everyone’s palate. “How is that possible?” you might think (especially if you have picky eaters joining you for dinner). Introducing: Everyone’s Favorite Meal.


Here’s how it works:

Pick a day this week for your family to gather at the dinner table together. Ahead of time, assign a course of the meal to each member of the family. For example: Dad gets the appetizer, Mom is in charge of the main dish, Suzie has a side dish, Johnny makes dessert and Jimmy prepares a drink. Every member of the family makes their favorite dish for their assigned course of the meal. No sharing what your dish is until it’s mealtime; this makes for an interesting surprise. Your meal could consist of a random assortment of foods that you normally might not pair together, or it could fit together like a glove – you’ll soon find out! The number of courses will depend on the size of your family or friends invited.


Take time during the meal to ask and find out why each course is a favorite to the assigned preparer. What other foods almost made the cut? Was it hard deciding what to make? Did you use a recipe or make it from memory? This is a fun way to create conversation and please everyone by enjoying his or her favorite food.


Show us what your family’s favorite meal turns out to be: tag us in a photo on
Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #FamilyMealsMonth. Feel free to share a selfie of your family also by tagging us and using the hashtag #RaiseYourMitt. We’ll randomly select participants to receive product packages, so that your next family meal is on us.




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