From the Best Choice Team Something Simple but Sweet – Strawberry Stacked Parfaits

Posted Jul 3rd, 2014

I don’t know about you, but on a hot summer day, I’m craving something sweet and refreshing like an Ice Cream Sundae! Although I could eat ice cream everyday, I like to mix it up a bit and add in some healthy fresh fruit. Therefore, I created a tasty alternative that was lower in fat.

The Best Choice Light Whipped Topping has 0 grams of trans fat and only 20 calories per serving (as opposed to 120 calories in a serving of vanilla ice cream). Layer that with fresh strawberries and a serving of crushed creamy wheels.

This stacked parfait ranks in at 190 calories as opposed to my typical sundae with 410! I’ll take that any day ☺ Enjoy!

Strawberry-Creamy-Wheels-Dessert Strawberries-sliced Creamy-wheels-&-whipped-cream
Strawberry-Creamy-Wheels-Top Strawberry-Creamy-Wheels-Stacked-Parfaits Strawberry-Creamy-Wheels-Side
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