How To Save On Your Thanksgiving Feast

Posted Nov 11th, 2015

Who doesn’t look forward to Thanksgiving – a day full of family, friends, football and (most importantly) food?! One side effect that often comes with the holiday season is stress. We’re here to help you have less of it while preparing your big meal.

The first way to avoid stress is by saving money. We did a price comparison of the difference in buying Best Choice Thanksgiving dinner products as opposed to the leading national brands:

Turkey Recipe Turkey Recipe

That’s already a savings of $5.52! On top of this, we’re offering you two Thanksgiving coupons good through November 30 to help you save even more on baking items and stuffing:

Click this link for sweet savings: http://woobox.com/f3r67c

Click this link for savory savings: http://woobox.com/bhz3fu

Also, check out our Thanksgiving Pinterest Board. We’ve been pinning dozens of delicious recipes, table decorating ideas and unique games to keep your turkey day flowing, fun and stress-free.

Finally, don’t worry if you don’t have a turkey recipe yet – we have one for you! Try our tasty Turkey a la Orange:


Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Best Choice.

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