Welcome to Family Meals Month

Posted Sep 1st, 2015

Best Choice is excited to participate in Family Meals Month, a nationwide event that highlights the importance of sharing meals together at home with your family. We hope you can join us! Here’s how:

A family can be defined in a variety of ways. Many may first think of families as your immediate relatives living under the same roof (parents, grandparents and kids). But family for a college student, young adult, single person, or retiree means something different. Family can mean your roommates, your neighbors, your visiting friends and family, your teammates, your church group, your book club – anyone that you care about enough to sit down with and share a meal.

Family Meals Month supports anyone’s definition of family and encourages you to invite them to join in the movement. Your challenge is to sit down at home to enjoy at least one extra meal with your family each week in September. Every Sunday, our team at Best Choice will share a fun meal idea on our blog for you to try out. We’re committed to helping you make shared meals at home enjoyable, affordable and healthier.

We encourage you to get creative and share your own family meal ideas also. Show us your family meal creations by tagging us in your Facebook posts, Tweets and Instagram photos and use the hashtag: #FamilyMealsMonth. You can also show off your definition of family by tagging us in a photo of your family with the hashtag: #RaiseYourMitt. We’ll randomly select participants to receive complimentary product packages, so that your next family meal is on us.

Why are family meals at home so important? Research provided by the Food Marketing Institute concludes that people eat healthier when they eat together at home. This research also proved that children who share regular family meals together boast better grades, improved nutrition, higher self-esteem and stronger family relationships, among other benefits.

We look forward to a month of fun ideas, lasting memories and delicious meals together as we strengthen the bonds of our families.

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