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Host a Virtual Save-A-Label Drive

Like most of us, you are probably balancing virtual meetings, virtual school, and virtual church all while trying to stay safe during this new time. Without in-person gatherings, perhaps your Save-A-Label organization has noticed a decline in the number of labels collected for Best Choice family of brands products (Clearly by Best Choice, Best Choice Superior Selections, and Best Choice). Consider a virtual label collection drive to boost labels.

Here are a few tips to best complete your organization’s virtual label drive:

  • Set a specific number of labels your group wants to collect during a specific time frame. (For example, 1000 labels by September 30)
  • Determine how your group will ultimately collect labels. (For example, a designated address or bin)
  • Leverage your organization’s social media page, newsletters, flyers, and word of mouth to announce the virtual label drive.
  • Get creative to offer incentives during the drive.
  • Share your group’s journey with Best Choice by mentioning Best Choice on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. (We might share your story!)

Utilizing your Save-A-Label organization’s community is the best way to reach your fundraising goals. Work together with family and friends to continue to collect labels.