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February Organization of the Month

Stained Glass Theatre

Save-A-Label’s Organization of the Month for February is Stained Glass Theatre in Ozark, MO. Stained Glass Theatre is a live Christian theatre that produces an average of 7-8 shows per year, each one with a 4-5 week performance schedule. The organization only has only four part-time staff, but over 200 volunteers who bring their shows to life. 

Stained Glass Theatre has been participating in the Save-A-Label program for over 20 years and uses the funds to offset production costs to keep ticket prices affordable for families. Currently, tickets are $12 for adults, $5 for children ages 5-12. Incredibly low prices for live theatre.

Harter House and Price Cutter are the Stained Glass Theatre’s local grocery stores and labels collected are from both volunteers and patrons. They also have a video that runs prior to every show recognizing their sponsors and asking audience members to donate Best Choice family of brand labels. All labels are processed by the Stained Glass Theatre’s box officer. 

Stained Glass Theatre strives to be a jewel among theatres. To find out more about their organization, visit their facebook page


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