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January Organization of the Month


Claremore’s Meals on Wheels has been running for 42 years. Starting with only 18 people, today, the organization has over 100 volunteers serving the Claremore City, OK area.

The organization offers a hot meal with desserts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and fruit all year long. During the pandemic, Claremore’s Meals on Wheels has been able to remain open and serve its community.

The organization has participated in the Save-A-Label program for over ten years and volunteers save labels as they buy groceries at their local grocer. The organization also receives donations from annual food drives that happen in their community.

For this organization’s hard work, and as food insecurity continues to impact a larger population in the US, the Save-A-Label program congratulates Claremore’s Meals on Wheels as the Organization of the Month.

Learn more about Claremore’s Meals on Wheels by visiting their Facebook page.