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May Organization of the Month

The El Dorado Springs R-2 School District Parents as Teachers Program, located in Southwest Missouri, is a non-for-profit program which works with families prenatally through five years.  Their program’s families collect Best Choice Labels to help raise funds for materials and supplies for the El Dorado Springs R-2 Parents As Teachers Program and the District’s Early Childhood Center. They have used their raised funds to purchase books for families, cabinets for their office space, a laminator, a cross cut shredder, a label maker, thermal laminating sheets, dry erase whiteboard self adhesive film, velcro dots and other miscellaneous supplies. The funds raised through the Save-A Label Program help them obtain the extra things that are not typically covered in their program budget.

They greatly appreciate the support and collaboration they get from building a partnership with their families and the community by collecting Best Choice Labels and participating in the Save-A-Label Program. They could not do this without participation and the support from their families and the community!

The El Dorado Springs R-2 Parents as Teachers Team;

Lynn McClaughry, Jennifer Caldwell, Emily Dawson

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