Green Onion Feta Stuffed Chicken Breast

Green Onion Feta Stuffed Chicken Breast

Makes 4 servings

4 boneless, skinless chicken breast
1 Tbsp Best Choice Butter
1 Tbsp Best Choice Olive Oil
Best Choice salt and pepper to taste

For the filling:
2 oz Best Choice cream cheese, softened at room temperature
4 oz crumbled feta cheese
½ cup green onions, sliced thin
¼ cup red onion, diced
1 tsp dried oregano
1 Tbsp grated lemon zest
1 tsp Best Choice black pepper
1 Tbsp Best Choice breadcrumbs


Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

Season the chicken breast with salt and pepper. In a sauté pan over medium-high heat, heat the olive oil with the butter, and brown the chicken breast, about 3-4 minutes per side. Remove the chicken breast from the pan and set aside to cool.

While the chicken is cooling, make the filling. Combine the cream cheese with the feta, in a medium bowl. Add the green onions, red onion, lemon zest, pepper, oregano, and breadcrumbs. Mix until well incorporated.

Cut a slit in to the chicken breast lengthwise along the thickest part of the breast. Creating a pocket. Take care not to slice all the way though. Spoon 3 tablespoons of filling into each chicken breast and place them into an ovenproof baking dish.

Bake for 20 minutes and serve with salad.

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