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Five ways to use fresh strawberries


Ripe strawberries are delicious enough to be eaten all by themselves. Berries add a natural sweetness to a variety of dishes, but they can also be paired with savory foods. Try these unique ways to enjoy strawberries. They might help you find a new way to love this nutrient-packed fruit. 

Balsamic and berries. 

Strawberries can have a savory and sweet twist when balsamic is drizzled on top of fresh-cut fruit. 

Spice up your spring greens.

Spinach and strawberries go great together in a salad. Any bed of greens can benefit from ripe juicy strawberry slices. 

Top your french toast with fruit.

Substitute butter and syrup with nutritious and sweet strawberries. Sliced and slightly mashed berries make an excellent French toast or pancake topping. 

Make a fruit salad.

Strawberries, kiwi, and fresh pineapple make a great team in a colorful salad. A fruit salad is a perfect side for a picnic or barbecue. 

Roasted beets and berries. 

Homemade roasted beets combined with berries and goat cheese can produce an antioxidant-rich flavorful combination. 

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