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Spice up your Popcorn

Popcorn has long been a great snack. It can be the perfect savory or sweet treat to munch on when you need a boost in the afternoon. Popcorn is considered a whole grain and it’s a healthy snack when your toppings are natural and wholesome.  When you make your own popcorn on the stovetop, or in an air popper, you can top your whole-grain snack with a wide variety of spices to fit your mood.

Here is a simple guide for making your own popcorn spices.

  1. Garlic Parmesan – Sprinkle Clearly by Best Choice garlic powder, fresh parmesan cheese and a little Italian seasoning on top of your warm popcorn.
  2. Cinnamon and Vanilla Sugar – Use Clearly by Best Choice coconut oil to make your popcorn. Then sprinkle the desired amount of Clearly by Best Choice cinnamon and a little Clearly by Best Choice sugar.
  3. Sweet and Spicy- Clearly by Best Choice Cayenne pepper, Clearly by Best Choice cinnamon, and sea salt make for a spicy snack.
  4. Thai popcorn- Mist on melted Clearly by Best Choice coconut oil to your popcorn. Then add toasted Clearly by Best Choice coconut flakes, Clearly by Best Choice curry powder, Clearly by Best Choice ground pepper, and a little salt.

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