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Get to know the Best Choice®  Superior Selections® brand!
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About Us

Food should be savored, loved, and enjoyed, whether alone or with family and friends. Best Choice® Superior Selections® products are quality, delicious products that complement your favorite recipes, add a touch of something special to weeknight dinners, or provide a sweet treat to the end of your day. Carrying a 100% guarantee, Best Choice® Superior Selections® products help you elevate your every day meals at a price that feels just right.

Meet Our Team

We can’t accomplish anything alone. That is why we have a collaborative team of awesome individuals who develop Best Choice® Superior Selections® products, transport them from warehouses to your store shelves and into your pantry. Our team includes sourcing, quality assurance, product development, marketing and merchandising professionals, along with a dedicated sales team, warehouse teammates, and the drivers who ensure products make it safely to a store near you.


Best Choice® Superior Selections® was introduced in 2000. Launched initially as a multi-serve frozen entree program with just 12 SKUs, the brand has evolved and grown throughout the years. It was officially relaunched in 2020 with a new look. The brand’s updated packaging won a Graphic Design USA design award in 2021. Today, Best Choice® Superior Selections® offers a full assortment of elevated everyday items from the pantry, to the refrigerator and freezer. The brand is part of the Best Choice® Family of Brands portfolio.

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