Best Choice Save-A-Label Update

Posted Feb 14th, 2020

Our Best Choice Save-A-Label program benefits over 8900 organizations! This fundraising program helps non-profits raise funds each year.

If you are affiliated with a Save-A-Label organization, you may be familiar with yearly Bonus Certificates. In the past, your organization has received a mailed Bonus Certificate. To reduce administrative cost and time, we are streamlining the process moving forward. Starting February 12, 2020, the one-time yearly $30 bonus (previously known as the Bonus Certificate) will be automatically applied when your organization redeems a minimum of 1000 labels.


Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Send in your labels (1000 labels minimum) with your redemption form.
  2. Include your participation number with an accurate count of your labels. (This number was included in an email/letter from Best Choice)
  3. Continue raising funds for your cause.

Did you know?

You can now save Clearly Brand labels towards your fundraising efforts. Clearly Brand is our healthful alternative brand that offers organic, gluten-free and free from 100+ products.

Each month, Best Choice spotlights one organization’s story. If you would like to be recognized as the Organization of the Month please complete the questionnaire.

Want more information about Save-A-Label?

By collecting Best Choice and Clearly Brand labels, the organizations earn $.03 per every label, with a minimum redemption of 1000 labels. Best Choice is proud to continue this program.

Are you connected with a non-profit?

Raise funds by joining the Save-A-Label program. Complete the registration form.


If you have a specific question about Save-A-Label, please email us at savealabel@awginc.com.

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14 Responses to “Best Choice Save-A-Label Update”

  1. Stacy Patton

    Our group registered for this program a few years ago, but this is the first time we have enough labels to submit. However, I can’t find the email with our participation number, redemption form, or bonus certificate. Is there a way to resend these to me? Our non-profit group is Vocal Standard out of Blue Springs, MO. Thank you!

  2. Cheryl Hyde

    I can’t find our participation number. Can you please send it to me again? Our organization is Lexington Elementary School, Lexington Oklahoma.

  3. Pat Cook

    The Ash Grove Sunshine Center has submitted labels. In the past, a check was mailed. If you are sending rebates in a different way the email to correspond with is pat.cook@senioragemo.org. Any current email is no longer applicable. Thanks – Pat

  4. Pansy Blaksley

    Disney Assembly of God Church, Disney, Oklahoma saves best choice labels for our Disney Assembly of God’s Women’s Ministries and for our Disney Assembly of God’s Girl’s Ministries (or Missionettes). In the past, two women in our church have submitted labels for redemption. Since 2019, I have been sending labels for each of the two ministries, using redemption forms for each of the ministries. In your email, you sent a participation number only for our girl’s ministries. Could you please send a participation number for the Women’s Ministries also. Or is it possible to combine the two ministries under one number and send 2,000 labels to receive money for both of them. Please advise by return email.


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