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About Us

Compare and save with Best Choice®! Products across the Best Choice® brand meet or exceed the quality standards of name brands, while saving you money. From the pantry to the freezer and the medicine cabinet to the cleaning supplies closet, Best Choice® has something for every area of your home. Backed by a 100% guarantee, you can trust Best Choice® for thousands of quality products at the right price. 

Meet Our Team

We can’t accomplish anything alone. That is why we have a collaborative team of awesome individuals who develop Best Choice® products, transport them from warehouses to your store shelves and into your pantry. Our team includes sourcing, quality assurance, product development, marketing and merchandising professionals, along with a dedicated sales team, warehouse teammates, and the drivers who ensure products make it safely to a store near you.


The Best Choice® brand first hit shelves in 1984. In one year, the Best Choice® product line grew to 360 products! In 2000, the Best Choice® Family of Brands grew with the addition of Best Choice® Superior Selections®. Clearly by Best Choice™ was added seven years later, in 2007, with more than 100 items. The three brands under the Best Choice® Family of Brands name continue to grow in product quantity while offering a price and quality consumers enjoy. Today, Best Choice® offers more than 3,000 products.

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