Cookie Dough Pops


1 stick unsalted Best Choice butter, softened
¾ cups packed Best Choice brown sugar
1 teaspoons Best Choice vanilla
½ teaspoon Best Choice salt
1 cup Best Choice all-purpose flour
2 tablespoons Best Choice milk
½ cup Best Choice milk chocolate chips
½ tsp Best Choice Cinnamon
24 Cake pop sticks or popsicle sticks

Chocolate for dipping:
1 12oz Best Choice milk Chocolate chips
2 tbl Best Choice vegetable oil


Mix and cream the butter and brown sugar. Add in the vanilla and salt, stir. Add flour, stir. Add in 2 tablespoons of milk and stir. Fold in ½ cup of chocolate chips. It should look like cookie dough at this time.

Form the dough into balls on each stick. Chill for 30mins while you prepare the melting chocolate.

Pour 12oz chocolate chips and vegetable oil into a microwave safe bowl and stir. Microwave in 30 sec intervals, stirring every 30 seconds until chips are fully melted.

Remove the pops from the refrigerator and dip into the chocolate. Place on parchment paper to set and cool.

Cookie dough pops can be refrigerated for two week or frozen for three months.

Cookie Dough Pops

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