Mom’s French Toast


¼ cup Best Choice Powdered Sugar
½ cup softened Best Choice Butter
¾ cup fresh (or frozen) strawberries
½ cup Best Choice Milk
1 tsp Best Choice Cinnamon
4-6 slices Best Choice White, Whole Wheat, Raisin or French Bread
2 eggs

For Strawberry Butter
If you’re using frozen strawberries, put them into the blender with powdered sugar and softened butter.

If you’re using fresh strawberries, wash them, cut off the stems and cut them into halves. Add the other ingredients and use the blender or food processor the same way. Set aside.

For French Toast
Break eggs into a pie pan, add the milk and cinnamon, beat with a fork.
Set griddle or wide frying pan over a medium heat. Grease pan with a pat or two of butter, be sure to cover the whole bottom.

Dip the bread slices, one at a time, into the egg batter and turn them over. Don’t try and soak them; moisten each piece.

As the bread slices come out of the batter, put them onto the griddle or frying pan immediately and cook both sides until golden brown.

Serve with strawberry butter and syrup.

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