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Focus on Save-A-Label

Last year, Save-A-Label paid out $326,708.40 to schools and non-profits. Throughout April, we’d like to highlight the impact and importance that this program has on communities as it helps more than 13,000 organizations raise money.


Together, we can work to make a difference. If you’re not involved in Save-A-Label yet, it’s easy to get started. Simply start saving your Best Choice UPC labels. If you don’t have a specific organization to give to, we’ll help you find one. If you’d like to sign your organization up, it’s an easy process. Simply click here to learn more:


Whether or not you just signed up or have been participating in the Save-A-Label program for years, we’d like to hear your story. Let us know how this program has affected your organization and how you’ve spent the money to help make a difference.


Submit your Save-A-Label Story.


Thank you to everyone who contributes in some way to Save-A-Label. We’re proud to offer this program to our customers and are committed to making it successful!