Single-Serve Appetizers

Parties are the ultimate time for appetizers. From holiday parties to sporting events, the food is the heart of the party. Let’s be safe and transform some of your favorite appetizers into single-serve apps! 

Spinach Artichoke Dip

This recipe is a classic recipe at Best Choice HQ. Easily individualize this appetizer by using a muffin liner to scoop the dip. Add tortilla chips around the dip and set out for a grab and go snack. Or use baked puff pastry in a muffin pan and add the dip. (Via Best Choice)

Grammie Irene’s Surprise Meatballs

Meatballs are always a killer appetizer at parties. Repurpose our Surprise Meatballs for small servings by adding a lollipop stick or a pretzel stick to each meatball. (Via Best Choice)

Both of these recipes are sweet treats that are easy to display and serve individually.

Peppermint Creamy Wheel Bonbons

For a sweet and festive treat, our bonbons recipe is sure to be a hit. These bite-size bonbons can be placed on a small plate or muffin liner for a single serving treat. (Via Best Choice)

Cherry Pies

This recipe is already prepared to be served individually.  With just a few ingredients fry or air fry these cherry pies and assemble on a small plate wrapped with wax paper. (Via Best Choice)

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