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Virtual Cookie Swap

The classic holiday cookie swap might be a bit different this year. As your in-person plans have likely turned to virtual plans, consider hosting a virtual cookie swap for friends both near and far.  

Here are a few ways to host a virtual cookie swap.

Send off your cookies

Choose cookies that will keep in the mail and ship them to your guests. Or you can also drop off cookies to your guests’ door step.  

Pro-Tip: Add a few pieces of Best Choice bread to your cookie container to keep your cookies soft.

Create a digital recipe book

Ask each of your guests to submit his/her favorite cookie recipe. Create a simple digital book to share during your virtual party. There are a variety of programs you can use to create a digital booklet. Consider adding some of Best Choice’s recipes (see below) to fill out your booklet.

Use social media to share recipes

Create a group within Facebook messenger or a Pinterest board as a holding place for all the recipes your group finds online. At your virtual party, each person prepares 2-3 recipes and offers an honest review.

Need a little more cookie inspiration? Check out a few of our favorite cookie recipes below.