Four ways to top your burger


With summer just around the corner, grilling season is about to begin! In honor of National Hamburger Month, we’ve teamed up with our sister brand, Always Save to showcase how to use our beef patties. Our four ways to top your burger will keep you craving burgers all summer long.

Taco Burger

If you love tacos, this burger is your dream between two pieces of bread. Top our patty with guacamole, our salsa, our shredded cheese, and lettuce for a taco-style burger.

Pizza Burger

To prepare your Pizza Burger, add four burgers to your large skillet and flip after 4-5 minutes. Add Best Choice marinara sauce (2 cups divided) to each of the burgers and let simmer. Top with Best Choice deli-slice of mozzarella to each burger and place Best Choice pepperoni slices on top. Cover the pan and cook until the cheese is melted and the burger is done to your liking.

BONUS: Brush melted butter with Best Choice garlic powder and Best Choice Grated Parmesan Cheese onto your bun and toast in your broiler for 1-3 minutes.

Reconstructed Loaded Baked Potato Burger

Let your creativity run wild with this recipe. We love to top this burger with Always Save Potato Puffs, Always Save Mild Cheddar Cheese, Best Choice Bacon Pieces, and Always Save Sour Cream. Try this burger without the bun.

Onion Rings Burger

Melt your favorite Best Choice cheese on your cooked patty and top with Best Choice’s Onion Ring. Drizzle your favorite BBQ sauce over your onion ring burger and top with your bun.

Which burger will you try? Let us know in the comments below.

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